LLC EKO ZEME was established on June 6, 2011. Our business philosophy is based on preserving natural resources. LLC EKO ZEME core is producing of ecologically pure, human health and environment friendly organic fertilizer – earthworm compost, so called bio-humus and bio-humus based soil mixtures, as well as the earthworm farming and construction and producing of the necessary technical equipment for earthworm farming. LLC EKO ZEME is one of the largest companies in earthworm farming industry in Latvia, where cattle manure processing in bio-humus deployed in 3000 m². In our premises and outdoor area the full production cycle has been effected – starting with cattle manure composting, earthworm farming and bio-humus producing, continuing with post-production (drying and sieving), up to preparation of bio-humus based soil mixtures, packing of finished products and selling them on the local market and abroad. We parallel work on new products development – different kind of soil mixtures and a bio-humus extract. In products research we have a good co-operation with professor Dr. hab. Biol. Gederts Ievins from Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia.

In 2012, we successfully launched the sales of our products in Latvian market. In 2013 sales outlets has increased substantially. We are hard working to engage external markets and late in 2012 we have established a company in Morocco, through which our products are offered now in North-West Africa.

Our company is considered a significant investment in research of biotechnologies, and a development and application of earthworm farming equipment for different opportunities and needs. In 2012 in cooperation with company VEF TELEKOM we have developed and produced in Latvia the first prototype of high output bio-humus sieve shaker. In 2013 we actively continue working on new equipment design and manufacturing.

In 2012 our company has been participating successfully in mentoring program “Lidere”. Our company is a member of a Jelgava business incubator (JIC) and Jelgava manufacturers and traders’ association (JRTA).

In early 2013, our company is carrying a Rural Support Service (LAD) program “Support for business creation and development”, under which new production assets have been purchased.